Saturday, January 26, 2013

2013 : Another checkpoint in Life


Yes,it's already 2013...This year I'm going to be 30...3 series...wowww!How times really fly without you realize it.apart from the usually new year resolution,I also have to "muahasabah" diri as I'm going into 30.

Well,personally I think I am I believe I can be better than this.Early this month,I got my EASA B2 exam result and Alhamdulillah I passed all the modules.Next,to submit workschedule and form for the license to UK CAA.At least,i can tick off one of my goal for last year.

With my newly acquire license,I hope to achieve more in my career...will look into new opportunities and challenges.Maybe go into different angle of this industry : ) I already got 1 bad news regarding this,but I will look forward and try again.Maybe rezeki kat tempat lain...
Now,time to continue writing my work schedule!


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