Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mobile blogging #1


entry written from my iphone while watching football match in astro @home! just finish talking to my old fren who mentioned that he's now trying to be millionaire/billionaire rather than a politician.deep down inside,i know he was born to be a politician.he got his "Datuk"ship since our school days :p
but yes,talking to him do make me think bout any new biz idea!nowadays everyone wants an online shop,blog,everyone going to china to bring back some cheap,sometimes lousy stuff,to sell here in pasar mlm or online.when i think about biz,i always thinking bout biz that not only bring the money,but also can contribute to the commumity or nature (green idea).
i had a few ideas but yet to get the best biz plan to execute the idea.still googling the net for more info.i read in the newspaper sometimes ago,about a group of people who doing the same thing but i forgot to write down their details.maybe i should get some advise from them.
do u have any green idea to share?