Sunday, December 28, 2008

my nightmare came true!!!


yesterday,i had a football game in putrajaya....and my most feared thing happened.
the game proved to me that i'm too fat already to play football.

i can't even run 1/2 of the speed that i used to have,i can't even managed to survive 1 half !

i just couldn't imagine i'm going to be this fat :p well,it's a wake up call for me,so now i'm getting ready to go for jogging...its 7am!!!

p/s: AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ohhh....i see


for the past few months,i always wondering when i see somebody visited my site thru 1st i thot it just a coincidence...but after many people coming from this blog to view my blog,it bring enough curiosity to myself,to make my itchy hands to click and check what's up with this blog...

to my suprise,my link was there,under frequent reader of her blog...hmmm,i did read her blog,which i think more than 1 year,i never really though that my name would be there,heheh...

so,for u guys who click my link from sashabashir blog,thank you and sorry if u didn't get to read anything interesting here.i'm not so free to write every damn busy with nothing much in my life to talk about :p

p/s: the name hero of the day quite attractive i guess!

Friday, December 19, 2008

3D Football!!!


i got an email from a guy in liverpool about this 3D football match provide by SKY...for real!!!whoaaaa,its good we got to watch football,watch it in 3d?its f***ing GREAT!

it's like double climax!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

where's my damn old receipts???


i was reading personal money mag,when i stumbled upon this subject...this is my 1st year paying the income tax...i know its too early to talk about tax,(if u a procrastinate type of person :p) but i do need to start now...since i'm not used to it,so need learn few i need to find all the important receipts from the things that i bought this whole year,which i can claim back...hehehe

mags...books...exercise policy...what else?still need to

plus,i should start paying my zakat pendapatan,which another way to reduce the tax.

p/s:just in case u interested, click here

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

you know something wrong when...

this i not a happy gerrard face!


i woke up @ 4am this morning to watch stevie G & co. took on the hammers,but the result was damn dissapointed!2 games in a row?dun tell me we need torres to score.the reds did it without torres against manure@#* & why can't we do it against some mid table team???

but u see,by 65th min. i already knew that its not our night.the beloved mr.captain marvel steven gerrard had more than 5 shots...and its all of target!and he even misskicked the ball just outside the penalty box,which on the nite his on fire,that damn ball surely will rocket into the back of the net!!!
u dunno need nostradamus to predict the scoreline...towards the end of the match,i just pray that westham won't score any lucky goal and get away with the 3 points! damn&*^$%##!