Sunday, December 28, 2008

my nightmare came true!!!


yesterday,i had a football game in putrajaya....and my most feared thing happened.
the game proved to me that i'm too fat already to play football.

i can't even run 1/2 of the speed that i used to have,i can't even managed to survive 1 half !

i just couldn't imagine i'm going to be this fat :p well,it's a wake up call for me,so now i'm getting ready to go for jogging...its 7am!!!

p/s: AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Friday, December 19, 2008

3D Football!!!


i got an email from a guy in liverpool about this 3D football match provide by SKY...for real!!!whoaaaa,its good we got to watch football,watch it in 3d?its f***ing GREAT!

it's like double climax!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

where's my damn old receipts???


i was reading personal money mag,when i stumbled upon this subject...this is my 1st year paying the income tax...i know its too early to talk about tax,(if u a procrastinate type of person :p) but i do need to start now...since i'm not used to it,so need learn few i need to find all the important receipts from the things that i bought this whole year,which i can claim back...hehehe

mags...books...exercise policy...what else?still need to

plus,i should start paying my zakat pendapatan,which another way to reduce the tax.

p/s:just in case u interested, click here