Wednesday, October 24, 2007


i have a really bad experience coming back to malaysia!its just....sux!damn it.

1st,my flight from ams-kul was on i went to get the klm 6pm flt edi-ams that morning.and just bcos this lady is sooo undertrain(or just stupid i may say),i couldn't get my seat on that flt eventho there are seats available.this cost me my flt back to kul.

the next day,i tried again,since i already checked that its still got about 30seats...this time i managed to check-in.the only bad thing is my flt ams-kul is not confirm,since i missed yesterday flt,and there are 4 seats overbooked.well,if u think that's bad,it get worse when i arrived in ams,i found out my luggage didn't came!!!i checked with the service desk,they said there is no bag had been check-in with me.since i have no time to argue,and the lady in ams is at no fault,i just made a report of missing bags and carry on to MH check in counter.
guess what,it get worse cos not only the flt is fully booked,even 1st class seat is full(i thot of asking the captain to upgrade me :p)...and there is 1 guy from penang who also on standby,with his family,5 of them...they'd been there since day b4.damn it!i can say i already lose hope to get that saturday flt to go back to kul,and plan to stay 1 night in ams.but if u never stop praying,He will help u!just 1/2hour b4 the flt,the station manager called me and said there is seat for me to so thankful and straight away check in and ran like mad to the boarding gate,hahah!by the way,the guy's son who need to go back for exam also get a seat,while the other has to stay and wait for 2morrow flt.sorry!

now u must be wonder,what the hell the servisair banner doing up there.No!im not advertising their services...just wanna let u know,their service sux!just be more careful if u come across to deal with their staff.

i want ma bag!


Eidulfitri in EDI...


hola people!

1st of all,happy eidulfitri to all muslims...its already been 12days we celebrate the hari raya.
as for me,i went to edinburgh along with my parent to celebrate it with my bro's n his family there,since they couldn't come back to malaysia.
its going into autumn in scotland,so its very nice weather to my last visit to uk.i spent 1 weeks fasting there,and another week raya...1st few days,been raining in edi.u just couldn't predict the weather there.1 min its raining,suddenly the sun shine so bright.but still,the chill wind keep the weather cold(compare to malaysia).terawikh there held at the central mosque,which were built by the saudi's gov (i heard it cost 30mil pound)...few mosque also available around the city.mostly pakistani's area.
this is my 1st raya away from my kg(aku x study overseas),the celebration here quite nice actually.i mean,the 1st 3 days of eid,full of openhouse at families and malaysians places.i can say average 5 house a day!u won't get that in malaysia.well,probably in malaysia we really celebrate it for 1month,heheh...but really,i just can't stop eating in that 3 days...the menu?
as usually,ketupat rendang,laksa,nasi beriani,lontong,soto,nasi dagang,and even sate...sounds great?now u know why i'm chubby this raya ;p

the one who need to slim,
dosh...the name!

Monday, October 01, 2007

In Memory...Nurin Jazlin

Assalamualaikum wbt...

in this holy month of Ramadhan...we had been shock to the bone by the brutal murder of a young girl named Nurin Jazlin.what kind of heartless human being could done such uncivilized act to an innocent kid.tears in the hearts of every concerned malaysian when the body found in the bag confirmed as nurin...i pray that the person who did dis thing gonna get a heavy and 'akhirat'.how i wish im a police,catching the bad i can kick his balls and torture him till he scream,wish him dead!!!
looking back the last few years,we'll find that nurin is not the only victims of heartless-sex maniac.there been not less than 10 of such cases reported in the media,but this thing keep on happening.looks like the moral of our community is falling down,rock this what the gov been doing all this while?what islam hadhari?how can we live in such cruel environment?
well,this is just another serious issues that we need to give more attention.i know most of malaysian against this,so we need to make sure our country is safe to live...for all people!

Al-Fatihah to Nurin and the rest of the girl
i admit i cry for this girl!


Its mid Ramadhan...

assalamualaikum wbt...

hola people,

its already half month of fasting,and this is my 1st entry?damn im so lazy.the fasting goes smoothly for me,just like previous year,heh...only downside is,my terawikh dis year very minimal.maybe bcos i've been working in niteshift.

when it comes about 'bulan posa',i always like to think bout good things dat i do on and off the ramadhan.well,u know its double the pahala if u done good deeds during dis,why dun u take ur time,and 'muhasabah' ourself (pondering,is it the rite word?)...have we done sumthing good to ourself?family?friends?our community...nation?hmmm...if we can contribute something to anyone,life would be great...think about i sound like my fren,wan daus...heheh!

last but not least,
enjoy the pasar ramadhan(buffet nowadays too expensive)
slim down...

"allahumma lakasumtu wabika amantu,wa'ala riz'ika afthortu birahmatika ya arhamarrahimin!"