Monday, March 31, 2008

spacejunk yard??

CANBERRA (Reuters) - A cattle farmer in Australia's remote northern outback on Friday said he had found a giant ball of twisted metal, which he believes is space junk from a rocket used to launch communications satellites.

Farmer James Stirton found the odd-shaped ball last year on his 40,000 hectare property, about 800 kilometers (500 miles) west of the northern Queensland state capital of Brisbane.

But Stirton only started inquiring into what the ball of metal really was, and where it had come from, in the past week.

"I was riding out to check some cattle, and I came around the corner and there it was in a paddock," Stirton told Reuters on Friday.

"I know a lot about sheep and cattle but I don't know much about satellites. But I would say it is a fuel cell off some stage of a rocket."

He said the object was hollow, and covered in a carbon-fiber material. He has contacted some U.S.-based aerospace companies to try to find out what the object really is.

Sydney's Powerhouse Museum said it was not uncommon for people to find spacejunk in remote areas of Australia.

In 1979, large parts of the Skylab space station fell to earth near a tiny outback town in Australia's west. A local council sent NASA a ticket for littering and then United States President Jimmy Carter rang a local motel to apologize.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

where to go?


i'm still waiting to be place to carry out my new the same time,i've been thinking where is the best place for me to kickstart my career.should it be in klia,or in line station?well both also have the pros and cons.
it's good to try a new challenge at a new place,such as bki.if i can get to penang,it's even be place in klia also would be good for me to settle down and plan my for me,i don't mind where will i go,i can accept it.just can't wait to put down my 1st signature!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Political Tsunami???


last saturday,eligible malaysian voters (including phantom voters) went out to cast their vote,for the future of the country.i myself managed to rush back to my hometown to carry out my duty.

my o' my,fantastic result as the opposition,PAS,PKR,DAP manage to deny BN 2/3 of parliament.on top of that,5 states fell to opposition hands.a new beginning to Kedah,Perak,Penang and suprisingly Selangor.Kelantan remained under PAS.the result came as the worst ever result for BN.

so,let us wait and see what kind of changes can these new government can bring to the states.don't make the same mistakes like BN...

Monday, March 10, 2008

yesss,at last...


i'm in a good mood today as i finish my QA oral.wohoooo...time to enjoy my remaining trainee life!

p/s: special thanks to mr. chin for your kindness...