Wednesday, March 31, 2010

fight for your right!


When my 1st maxis bill came to my mailbox,i was suprise to see the amount,!!!i have RM124 upfront payment for 5 month.that's mean my excessive usage must be about RM250!!!(minus RM155monthly commitment)
So i when to maxis centre for clarification bout the 1st visit,a staff at the front there try to con me bout the bill,but his explaination doesn't convince me,so when i asked further,he try to avoid by asking me to go to the counter....since i got no time,i decide to go back 1st.

to be cont....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mobile Bloggin' :D


For my b'day,I got a gagdet that i can say the best i ever had :p Iphone!!! Wohoooooo!(thanx to my nurul :p)

and this entry,written from my Iphone.i'm still exploring and toying around with it,when i thought of mobile blogging.but this free app only allow text blog,no photo.i wanna try it 1st before i buy it :p

maybe i can be an active blogger after this ???