Sunday, August 31, 2008

wedding of the year!!!

whose wedding u ask???its my wedding,of course its the wedding of the year!!!

its ramadhan again...!


assalamualaikum to muslims...

tomorrow 1st september,or 1st of ramadhan,muslims will again going through the fasting month.which from what i learn from my ustaz,the month we should appreciate and celebrate more,rather than syawal.
when i mention celebrating ramadhan,nothing to do with the feast or having party.we should celebrate ramadhan by increasing our 'amal ibadat' as for this holy month,the pahala is paid double,triple and so on...but still,islam do want their followers to celebrate syawal,hari raya aidilfitri!
enuff said...i wish u all happy fasting.don't ponteng2 posa mcm budak skolah.byk2 la buat ibadat.this month,all the setan kena remember,if u do something bad,its not the setan,it's u la the setan!cheers....