Monday, July 12, 2010

here we go again...FIFA World Cup


from 11th of June to 11th of July 2010,South Africa presented to us the most anticipating sport event on earth,the world cup....not only we were served with football match,we also have other issues that makes this world cup colourful!
we have the jabulani balls issues,bad ref's decision,france's fracas,another hand of god from luis suarez etc....we thot players like messi,c.ronaldo,rooney,robben or kaka will be the star of the tournament,but nope...most of them were dissapointing,except for messi.the star of the world cup shud go to paul the oracle octopus,hehehe...well,i dun really believe the octopus really predicted the correct score.(i think he choose the flag with the most red,like the bulls :p)

anyway,tonite is the finale....holland vs espana,and i'm going to cheer for spain!