Wednesday, September 24, 2008



as u can see the last post,it's about food that i crave during this fasting month.and as a result,instead of losing some weigth due to fasting,i'm gaining weigth from the "buka puasa" activities.huhuh,i really dun take advantage of the fasting to get in shape.i think i'm better fasting during other months,as i usually lost weight for the puasa sunat...

p/s:i would like to put up my bloated stomach here to support my statement,but it's too intimidating! :p

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fasting Crave...


i have this food crave syndrome during ramadhan,which i guess most of us have.well,here some of the food that usually make my mouth dripping with my "ayaq liuq"...

1> nasi kerabu ( /)
2>ayam percik ( /)
3>murtabak ( /)
4>yong tau foo ( /) still looking for a good one!
5>laksa kedah ( ) not easy to find a good one in kl.
6>roti john ( /) the one i got from kj sux,not so john.
7>cendol ( )
8>air kelapa ( /)
9>air tebu ( /) aahhhhhhh....
10>burger ( /) yup,burger king's black pepper...

Monday, September 15, 2008



well,today i'm gonna be a tv's The Amazing Race Asia,that's what i mean.
i'm personally not a big fan of the amazing race,not to mention the asia version.but i am into adventure races,well at least when my fitness at the acceptable level.i do watch amazing race on and off,when i got the time,and nothing else to do/watch.

as i observed the TARA 1st,2nd and the latest season,all i can say,it became too commercialized!and i know i share this view with others least nurul does!can u see the contestants for this 3rd season?come on man,don't tell me its interesting to watch those celebs running while 'gedik2' while trying to maintain 'cun'.what?no more exciting-fit-crazy people from malaysia can you choose apart from those 2 ladies?enuff seeing them in tv bout the 2 miss world ke hapa tah???well,the other teams are acceptable such as the indian father and son.they might not fit like athlete,but they do add some characters to the show.

i need no further comment,since i myself hardly watch it.but i do think the race is not as interesting as we watch it on tv.they did a good job on editing to make it look like its a very tough and exciting race.anyway,u guys can have your own view...


Saturday, September 13, 2008

a little last!


line 2 has been working very hard for the last few months with a/c coming in and go,where 2 a/c at one time became a norm.well don't blame us for the grounded a/c...the a/c already flying and landing for the last 2o years,sure it will come to its limit.

well,the past 2 days have been very a/c to work on.very nice,especially its fasting month.i used most of the time in front of the pc playing game and surfing the net.enuff about work,my fasting so far very minimal.just simple fasting without terawikh, ustaz in school sure not proud if he knows this :p

hope i'll have a good weekend...chowz!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

the little princesses!

this is farah alissa and farisya alya,my 2 cute niece,posing for the camera...special outdoor session while waiting outside the 'dewan' for my brother's wedding.

quote of the day:when i say no,means NO!