Sunday, September 23, 2012

New beginning!


At the moment,i am sitting down in my office(crew room actually) surfing the internet...usually from morning till late evening.I am now relocated to a new place,in Sarawak,Miri to be precise.Why the hell did I come here to work?Lots of people around me asked the question,since i'm not sarawakian or sabahan.some of them sounds negative,but also got some who are very positive and wish me luck.

    Well,it down to few reasons,which most importantly because of MY family...and my future planning.That I will write again in another post,coz i hope with my free time i have now,I will write in this blog more...(yes i said that every time :p) maybe i can make a blog that can generate income for me,like other famous bloggers esp my friend abg Nara, from ,heheheh.

Hmmm...I will write bout what I found here and what I think about Miri later...