Monday, December 17, 2012

Save GAZA...!


This is a belated post,cos I'm like that...October got 3 post,then quiet...December baru nak post blk.
Today I will campaign for Palestine...SAVE GAZA people from the violance of the Zionist regime!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

5 Diet Mistake

I'm sharing some tips from about dieting.hope it is useful to any of you!

Lack of Sleep

Numerous studies show that a good night's rest is essential to maintaining healthy eating choices. Aim for seven to eight hours a night, although the National Sleep Foundation says, "Our sleep need depends upon genetic and physiological factors and also varies by age, sex, and previous sleep amounts." The point is to get enough sleep to feel refreshed and rejuvenated upon waking. To get back on track, start by exposing your body to bright light in the morning and avoiding it in the evening. Screen time, including cell phone, TV, and computer use, should also be avoided within an hour of bedtime.

Lack of Planning

A hectic life is one thing, but an unorganized hectic life is unacceptable if you’re trying to maintain healthy habits. The key to your success is having a plan and staying organized. There is no shortage of tech-savvy tools to help with grocery lists and meal planners, let alone cell phones, email accounts, and tablets that can help with setting alarms and sending reminders. Just as important as having a plan, is having a plan B. Think of contingency strategies when life happens. That way you learn to cope when you get a curveball. Be flexible and realistic, and you’ll be a success.

Hiding Calories

An extra half cup of rice here and a small bite of cake there may seem like nothing, but calories add up and suddenly you’re 300 calories over your daily limit without even realizing it! Stick to your plan, and log everything you eat so you have a real picture of your caloric intake. That means counting condiments and other food additives. Add ketchup or mayonnaise calories in a sandwich, the milk and sugar in your coffee, and the added oils you add when cooking as well. By staying aware of these hidden calories, you’ll know how to keep them under control.  You may not think these small things count, but they do!
Letting Your Brain Go

Being healthy isn’t just about physical activity and eating right. Mental health is a huge part of being healthy and happy as well! In addition to exercising your body, make sure you don’t forget about your brain! Get away from the TV or your phone for a bit and work on activities that stimulate you mentally. Logic puzzles, crosswords, reading, writing, and memory exercises are a great way to keep your brain agile. Enroll in continuing education classes if you have the time, or use your local public library to explore subjects that interest you. You can also support brain health by lowering stress. Do this by taking time alone to reflect, relax, and release any negative thoughts and feelings that are a part of normal life. Social interactions also support brain health. Rather than Facebook and Twitter, get some face time with friends and family, join a club, or talk to a stranger. These will help you gain perspective and appreciate your place in the world.
Lack of Variety
Even though you may love that one food that you can’t get enough of, incorporating variety into your diet is important because it will provide you with a variety of nutrients. Eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables as much as you can, and be sure to also include nuts, beans and legumes, proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains. In the way of beverages, boost your intake of water and other nutritious beverages. As you limit your sugar-sweetened beverage and juice intake, incorporate healthy drinks into your diet. Raw juicing is a great way to add vitamins and minerals from time to time, and drinking a variety of teas can also supercharge your intake of antioxidants.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'll drop by at your place - Felix Baumgartner


Hats off to this extreme sport athlete from Austria,Felix Baumgartner for his successful Skydive act from 128,000 feet,which is at the edge of the stratosphere,breaking  few world records.He managed to clock Mach 1.24 (faster than the speed of sound!)

Watch the awesome jump here:

Sunday, September 23, 2012

New beginning!


At the moment,i am sitting down in my office(crew room actually) surfing the internet...usually from morning till late evening.I am now relocated to a new place,in Sarawak,Miri to be precise.Why the hell did I come here to work?Lots of people around me asked the question,since i'm not sarawakian or sabahan.some of them sounds negative,but also got some who are very positive and wish me luck.

    Well,it down to few reasons,which most importantly because of MY family...and my future planning.That I will write again in another post,coz i hope with my free time i have now,I will write in this blog more...(yes i said that every time :p) maybe i can make a blog that can generate income for me,like other famous bloggers esp my friend abg Nara, from ,heheheh.

Hmmm...I will write bout what I found here and what I think about Miri later...


Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Did I just wasted another year of my life?


I'm 29 on 2nd March...and I didn't feel any urge to celebrate it when I started to think what did I achieved for the past 1 year............................not much I guess.

The only thing that made me happy and thankful to Allah for this life is,I have a great families and friends around me,to support,entertain and to share with,whatever I have.almost 100 birthday wishes on FB!!!for some people,it might mean nothing.but it means alot to me....
Thank you guys!

And to make my 30th years of living worth it,I started to sit for EASA Part 66 exam with my former batchmate.pray to god in a year time,the B2 license will be mine!Amin!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 goals!?


It's already end of January,and i was like,did i started to work towards my 2012 wish?i did but at a very slow pace.why not write it down here and let's see how i can achieve it by Dec ...

1) Get my B2 part-66 license!
This would be my wish since 2008 which i'm too lazy+busy to study n sit for the exam.better that attitude dude or i'll be damned!!!

2)Airbus 330 certified
It's been a year since my course,and i'm not done with the work schedule yet!sighhh!!!money money money!

3) Get fit!
My short term target would be running 5km and then 10km Run.hopefully i can join any adventure race by end of the year,like those days....those were the days -_- (i'm working on this n should lose maybe 5kg by end feb)

4) Swimming
What?yes,i dunno how to target to take the swimming class and make sure i can swim confidently by this year!dunno where should i go for class,sunway or kelana jaya

Well these are my main goal for the year 2012.hopefully i will work hard for it and achieve them before 2013,amin!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Life routines to get a 6-pack


this was taken from Men'sHealth Mag webpage for our reference!

Hard abs are built by habit. Here's a four-pack of simple lifestyle routines that will put you on the path to a rock-solid six pack:

1. Wake up to water
Drink at least 16 ounces of chilled H2O as soon as you rise in the morning. German scientists recently found that doing this boosts metabolism by 24 percent for 90 minutes afterward. (A smaller amount of water had no effect.) What's more, a previous study determined that muscle cells grow faster when they're well hydrated. A general rule of thumb: Guzzle up to gallon of water over the course of a day.

2. Pair proteins with carbs to trigger weight loss
Although you might think that the carbs will slow weight loss, the opposite can be true, says Men's Health weight loss expert Alan Argon. Carbs plus protein help build muscle, especially when you eat the combo just before and just after exercise. More muscle enhances fat loss because muscle is metabolically active tissue that helps burn more calories around the clock.

3. Pack your lunch every day
Fast-food lunches and soda calories will undermine any weight-loss, abs-gain effort. Just take fast and fat food out of the equation. Instead, take a cooler to work every day. Fill it with the following:

  • An apple (to eat as a morning snack). Two slices of cheese (to eat with the apple)
  • A 500- to 600-calorie portion of dinnertime leftovers (for your lunch)
  • A premixed protein shake or a pint of milk (for your afternoon snack)

Eating this lunch every day will keep you well fed and satisfied. You'll also provide your body with the nutrients it needs for your workout, no matter what time you exercise.

4. Hit the feathers by 10 p.m.
Get in the habit of going to bed early enough to ensure 7 to 8 hours of abs-sculpting sleep. University of Chicago scientists recently found that just 3 nights of poor sleep may cause your muscle cells to become resistant to the hormone insulin. Why's that bad? Well, over time, this leads to fat storage around your belly by slowing metabolism, increasing appetite and decreasing number of calories burned.