Saturday, October 06, 2012

Movie Magic


since I came here to MYY, I missed alot of movies shown in the cinema,because I dun really got time and yes,the cinema here sux...big time!will try to catch up with all the good movies later.In the mean time,why not we share our fav movie?These are my fav list,not in order cos I really can't compare the movies.they have their own specialty and genre...

other movies that I can watch over and over again :

5) Gladiator
6) Lord of The Ring Trilogy
7)Saving Private Ryan
8)Sixth Sense
9) Inglorious Basterd
10)V for Vendetta
11)The Bourne Trilogy
12)Slumdog Millionaire
13)Kick Ass
14)Wolverine The Origin
15)Iron Man
16)Finding Nemo
18)3 Idiots

Yes...very long list.and it surely will grow longer.and I think I did miss a few movie.
So when I have no plan at home,I can always have a movie marathon!

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