Tuesday, April 20, 2010

fight for your right : part 2


continue from my last entry bout my maxis prob...i went to maxis sunway for 2nd time.and this time 1 girl at the front desk help me out regarding the bills...she explained that my monthly charge was pro rate...because...... i register on the 6th feb,and their billing start on the 10th!so,for that 4 days,it's rm20,which devided into call and data.so,my free data usage for that 4 days must be within...rm10!!wtf??
i believe those of you who got urself an iphone,must be downloading loads of apps from the appsstore once u got ur iphone right???i told the lady,i was not inform this and i'm not going to pay that extra charges!she then asked me to go to the counter to complain,or call the customer service.and once again i walked away from the service centre coz ramai org tgh tunggu nombor diorg,and i need to go for movie :p
well,the next day,i call maxis and filed my complaint.nak puji sket customer service maxis.the guy who answered my call help me out and told me that the report will be sent to maxis sunway for action,and they will get back at me within 3-5 days.and i did receive sms from maxis the next day,telling me the cases has been resolved,and asking me to rate their service.i waited for another few days,but no call from maxis.how i want to rate your service if i don't know the result?
so,i call them again to ask,and i was inform that they agreed to give me rm250 rebate for my next bill...heheheh.pueh ati aku!berjaya jugak aku jadi pengguna berhemah yg berjuang utk hak sebagai pengguna..........................!
but when i check my march bill through the phone,i still need to pay rm160++ ???wtf???!!!!